Temporarily On Hold

I am sorry for the delay in status of my project.  As of December at some point, the game has been on hold.  I try to get some done here and there, but there has been circumstances in which have prevented me from working on the game at full force.

December - With the holidays and the kids on school vacation, I was unable to spend as much time as I wanted working on my project.

January - Recovering from the holidays and struggling with depression left much of my time away from my computer, and more of my time curled up on the couch.

February through the end of March - During this time, the majority (if not all) of my time will be going towards taking screen shots.  One of my favorite developers that I have followed for many years has decided to remove the majority of their games (which are mobile games).  Because of this, I have been taking screen shots and giving them my priority so I can still read the stories even after they are removed.  For those who are curious as to which developer, it would be NTT Solmare with the "Shall We Date?" apps.

I will try to get back to working on my project at full force as soon as possible.  I am sorry for the delay, and sorry for lack of updates.  I hope to beable to bring good news soon!

Debra (aka Bella Rose)

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