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I have not forgotten about the game.  It is taking longer to fine-tune the character profiles than I imagined.  This is probably because my mind will not stay in one spot when it comes to character names.  Although, I am closer than I was when I first started this project.  Since I have started fine-tuning character profiles, I have gave each character more depth than they had previously.  This is allowing me to give each character more depth than I have ever planned on them having.  This goes for the following:

  • Name meanings - each name has a meaning involving either the characters species or personality.
  • Name origins - each name is based on the origins of the species the character is.
  • Species - yes, I said it more than once so far.  Each character is not human (or at least 100% human for some).  It's more like each character has a powerful ability to shift to human form.  I guess this idea came from games like Scarlet Fate where they have different "gods" that can go into human form when they wish.  This will be similar, but most of the species are more... simple.  Although there will be some mythological species as well as regular species.
  • Species back story - I chose each species based on what I wanted their back story to be, or I chose a back story based on the species I chose.  Some species (i.e. owls), I chose a specific kind based on the characteristics of that specific one.  This allowed me to find names and backstories as well as abilities that fit the species and that would fit into the story.
  • Lessons - What is a story without one or more characters learning some lessons of their own.  Yes, the MC has "secrets" she has to figure out about herself and her guardian, but that's too boring to have just her learning stuff.  To handle this, each love interest has a lesson they have to learn.  The lesson could be so simple you think no one would have to learn it, or it could be complex and hard to overcome.  The species each love interest is also may or may not play a role in the lesson they have to learn. (i.e. the Barbary Lion - which is an extinct sub-species of lions - has to learn that revenge isn't everything.  Yes, this isn't the exact lesson, but it's close enough.  Don't want to give it all away yet!)
  • Powers - Yes, each species will have powers.  Some of these powers will be so simple that you wouldn't think of them as powers.  But, if you take it to the next step, you can see how that could be such an influential thing that it could be a power itself.  (i.e. charisma can be counted as a power if the person uses it well enough.)
  • Why they want the MC - Each love interest has a reason why they want the MC for themselves.  It could either be to use her powers for their own personal reasons (all by one love-interest), or because they want to protect the MC and have it so no one can take advantage of her (one love interest).

The biggest part I am working on with the character profiles right now would be their mannerisms and manner of speech.  This one is the more difficult part of the process.  Where my original writing just put something in place, I am finding it is not suitable as I am refining each character profile.  I want to be able to get these character profiles just right so there is no questionable points in the story involving these characters.

If you are wondering, yes, I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to the characters in my stories and how they interact in the story.  The basic outline of the story itself is already complete and ready to go.  It's just the characters and how they all tie in together that is making this story take more time than it should.  I do not want to leave a story with characters that have no depth and leave you wishing there was more to the characters and the story itself.

Thank you for your patience and continued support!  As soon as I get these character profiles perfected, I will update the description page with the final names, and possibly a brief character description until I get the game updated.  More about the game format in the future, as that might change!

Also, I am looking for cover art for the game if you wish to contribute.  I will not be able to pay you, but you will have your name listed under the credits and thank you section.  Please email submissions and what you would like to go by to or private message me on my discord (will add to description page if not there already).

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