Eislyn remembers nothing before her arrival at the home of her guardian, Ciarra. Other than mentioning that Eislyn went through some kind of ordeal, Ciarra doesn't share any information, and Eislyn's talking raven companion is equally unhelpful. The only thing Eislyn knows is that, no matter what she tries, she cannot die.

Ciarra normally allows no visitors, yet one day six men show up at the house, invited to a mysterious meeting. Without warning, Eislyn finds herself caught up in a month-long competition between the men, each trying to 'win' her. There are no rules, and Eislyn can do her best to influence the victor. But who should she choose when she knows nothing about them or why they would want her?

Love Interests:

  • Aethelric
  • Firas
  • Quin
  • Royan
  • Seath
  • Hiryur

Other Characters:

  • Eislyn - MC
  • Ciarra - Guardian
  • Merula - Raven companion
  • Darce - Father
  • Tenille - Mother

Thank you to my friend, Archivist, for helping me with grammar and proof-reading.  Also thank you to my discord supporters who have supported me and continue to support me and give feed back.  Without any of them, this story would have never taken off from the piece of scrap paper in which it started.

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AuthorBella Rose
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TagsOtome, Romance, Text based

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